1. You must be at least 18 years of age with a valid California driver’s license  or valid California ID in order to receive a delivery from Organic Medicine Delivery. Please have your ID available for presentation at time of delivery.


2. You must have a current and valid California Doctor Letter of Recommendation for the use of medical marijuana. Doctor recommendations must be kept current at all times. Please have your current recommendation available at time of delivery.


3. Please do not use or consume medicine in the vicinity of an Organic Medicine Delivery authorized representative.


4. You must be the only person present when deliveries are made.


5. When calling, please do not ask for information other than delivery hours or how to set up an appointment.


6. It is unlawful to sell or redistribute your medication to others.


7. Discretion is very important. Please place your medicine out of sight. Do not display or discuss your medicine in the surrounding neighborhood.


8. Do not engage in loud boisterous or disruptive behavior when an Organic Medicine Delivery authorized representative is present.


9. Use of marijuana while driving may result in charges of a DUI. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while under the influence of marijuana.


10. Patient assumes all risk and responsibility associated with consumption, ingestion and smoking of medical marijuana and/or products and have been made aware of any potential health risks by their recommending physician.


11. Respect and show courtesy towards all authorized representatives of Organic Medicine Delivery at all times.


12. Failure to follow agreement can result immediate termination of association membership.


13. Organic Medicine Delivery and/or authorized representative(s) reserve the discretion to refuse service to anyone at any time.